Justice & Mercy is involved
in passing legislative reform and educating public and policy makers on important issues involving the prison system and crime.
We also routinely interview candidates who are running for office in the state of Pennsylvania. Justice and Mercy is devoted to changing our system from the inside out to impart true Justice and Mercy within our prisons and court system. Contact us to see what reform we are currently working on, and ways in which to help.



Justice & Mercy offers personalized case management for persons returning to the community from incarceration, as well as those going through our mentor program. We help address the problems of our clients and also make referrals. We guide our clients through the labyrinth of the justice system.  In addition, we often help individuals who are currently incarcerated with problems and issues within the prison. Contact us if you or a member of your family desires a visit in prison or help rehabilitating and reconciling.



Justice & Mercy recruits
and trains quality individuals to be Mentors. We evaluate at risk individuals who can benefit from a placement with a Mentor. We Place Mentors and Mentees while facilitating their relationship for 18 months. Contact us if you would like to become a Mentor, or could use a Mentor in your transition back to your community.



Justice & Mercy represents individual offenders to advocate for an effective sentence that restores their life and reduces recidivism.  Too often, offenders become part of the system when they and our society could be better served with an alternative to long prison terms. We help offenders take responsibility for their actions while paying their debt in a constructive manner. Contact us if you
or a family member need representation, or if you would like to sponsor someone’s case.