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Angela Diaz is a Good Samaritan taking in two children from her cousin and his wife that needed assistance. Angela was a good mother to her own children. She belonged to the PTO and supported her children in all their activities. She felt the need to assist for family with their children, as well. Feeling a typical mother caring for the two little girls, Angela and her husband drove down to Georgia and picked up the girls. Angela and her husband cared for these little girls that were in need of help and love. The little girls were not well cared for by her parents.


Angela had the little girls, Brooklyn and Dallas for six weeks. The girls were then returned home to their parents in Georgia. After a period of time the parents of Brooklyn and Dallas told Angela to come pick up the girls. Angela and her husband did. The girls were not the same. Brooklyn was not acting like before, she was quiet, reserved, fearful, weak, bruised, and thin. Angela gave these girls the best care possible. She was naïve and did not call the authorities about the condition of the girls. Brooklyn health continued to decline.


On one fateful day, Angela, her children, Brooklyn, and Dallas were at a sporting event and a park. Upon returning home, Brooklyn vomited profusely. Angela observed that Brooklyn was having difficulty breathing and 911 was called. Brooklyn was transported to the hospital. Brooklyn unfortunately died a few days later.


Justice & Mercy, Inc. has taken a position that Angela Diaz is an unpretentious, gentle natured, Good Samaritan that is charged with 3rd degree murder, we believe she did not commit. Therefore, we are helping this unfortunate family with finding out the truth about this case. Angela has been in prison for over 24 months without a trial. We at Justice & Mercy are raising funds for lawyer, forensic physicians, and private investigators.


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