Extraordinary Give – Nov 20, 2020

Extraordinary Give – Nov 20, 2020

ExtraGive On Friday – November 20, 2020

     The Extraordinary Give 2019, Lancaster County’s Largest Day of Giving is right
around the corner!! Mark your calendar for Friday, November 22, 2019 and join
Justice & Mercy, along with 525 local non-profits in supporting the most
community wide philanthropic day of the year.

     We need your help! We have one day to make history in Lancaster County.
Get ready to give! On November 20th, starting at 12AM on November 20, visit
the link listed below and make a tax deductible donation (minimum of $10.00) to
Justice & Mercy a nonprofit organization that supports your community.
You will have 24 hours to make your donation, and all giving will end at 11:59PM
on November 20.

     Gifts of any denomination will support the organization’s reform and
rehabilitative-oriented programs to reduce the county prison population, lower the
recidivism rate, and provide mentoring and ministry resources to current
Pennsylvania inmates, victims of crimes and families affected by the criminal
justice system. We consult with inmate families and friends. Visits are made at
the request of the inmate or family. Click this link https://www.extragive.org/organizations/justice-mercy

     To learn more about the Extraordinary Give, its participating sponsors, and how
it’s making a difference in Lancaster County, visit www.extragive.org.