Justice & Mercy is a registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to decreasing the effects of crime in our communities, increasing public safety, and ministering to and restoring both crime victims and offenders.


We achieve these goals by educating and informing the public at large, advocating cost-effective and practical reforms within the criminal justice system, and by supporting and encouraging wise public policy.


We also network with and support other criminal justice organizations and encourage church and community outreach efforts by working to increase knowledge and understanding of public policy issues.


“As good Christian people, we must model the actions of Jesus Christ and take responsibility to do what is right. Because we are so busy in our own worlds many times, we want to let someone else do the hard labor – such as the government and, in this particular subject in which I am involved, the correctional and judicial systems. We don’t take the time to educate ourselves to know what is happening, what is wrong and how we can help improve it. God has promised to bless the people of faith first. Then, if we do what we can, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, ‘….He will heal our land’. I believe that we can make a difference according to the prophet David in Psalms 1. And it is our responsibility to do justly and love mercy according to Micah 6:8. These verses require action. If we do what is right, we will be blessed in ourselves, in our families and in our nation. With your help, we can work together to accomplish the will of God and the vision of like-minded people to change public policy to one that is more restorative and productive, thereby creating safer communities. Thank you for getting involved.”


Dr. Tom Zeager, Founder, Justice & Mercy Inc

Promoting Safer Communities through
Justice System Reform

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Legal Researcher

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Tom Zeager, President & Board Chairman of Justice & Mercy, 
Ephrata, PA


Donald Groff, Owner of Shady Grove Campground,
Denver, PA


Ernest Preate, Jr., Esq., The Law Office of Attorney Ernest D. Preate, Jr., 
Scranton, PA


Ginnie Good, Owner of Good’s Disposal Service, 
Ephrata, PA


Bill Haken, Senior Pastor at Capital Bible Church,
Harrisburg, PA


Vladimir Beaufils, President & CEO of Sound Community Solutions, Inc., 
Harrisburg, PA


Thomas Creighton, Former Pennsylvania State Representative,
  Manheim, PA


Robert Severson, Chaplain at Lancaster County Prison,
Retired Financial Advisor, Millersville, PA


Kenneth Reidenbach, Heads the Justice & Mercy Legal Team, 
Former Defense Attorney, Lititz, PA


Jean Bickmire, President of Have a Heart,
Lancaster, PA

If we follow justice with mercy, we can change the world.