Justice & Mercy is involved in passing legislative reform and educating public and policy makers on important issues involving the prison system and crime. We also routinely interview candidates who are running for office in the state of Pennsylvania. Justice and Mercy is devoted to changing our system from the inside out to impart true Justice and Mercy within our prisons and court system. Contact us to see what reform we are currently working on, and ways in which to help.

The legislature must take the actions that will change our current direction from building prisons at soaring costs to less expensive and proven alternatives. Since over 90% of prisoners will be released back into our communities, treatment and reintegration must be addressed properly.


Our involvement with juvenile justice reform, prison reform and public policy

Since its formation in 1998, Justice & Mercy has worked to build relationships within the Pennsylvania legislature as well as the justice system at all levels. We support prison and justice system reform by educating policy makers as well as their constituents and the public at large. We have also sat on numerous government commissions including the commission to study the effects of the death penalty, as well as the innocence commission.