Working together to change Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system to be smarter rather than strictly punitive on crime.

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Who is Justice & Mercy

Justice & Mercy is a nonprofit, faith-based organization dedicated to decreasing the effects of crime in our communities, increasing public safety, helping prisoners, and ministering to and restoring both crime victims and offenders. We achieve these goals by educating and informing the public at large, advocating cost-effective and practical reforms within the criminal justice system, and by supporting and encouraging wise public policy. Our Christian prison ministry in Pennsylvania also networks with and supports other criminal justice organizations and encourages church and community outreach efforts by working to increase knowledge and understanding of criminal justice system issues.

Justice & Mercy Services


Personalized case management for persons returning to the community from incarceration.


Represents individual offenders to advocate for an effective sentence that restores their life and reduces recidivism.


Justice & Mercy is involved in passing legislative reform and educating public and policy makers on important issues.


Recruit and train individuals to be Mentors to inmates behind bars and after they are released into the community.

What does the Lord require of us ?

Carry your Light into the world so that
He shines through you!